ISRO Technical Assistant 11

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Sample Question Paper Mini Test Series: ISRO Technical Assistant 11

ISRO Mechanical Technical Assistant 11

 Part 11: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. The tapered roller bearings can take

a) Radial load only

b) Axial load only

c) Both radial and axial loads

d) None of these


Q2. An astronaut finishes some work "on the outside" of his satellite, which is in circular orbit around Earth. He leaves his wrench outside the satellite. The wrench will

a) Fall directly down to Earth

b) Continue in orbit at reduced speed

c) Continue in orbit with the satellite

d) Fly off tangentially into space


Q3. To obtaine the absolute pressure from the gauge pressure

a) Subtract atmoshperic pressure

b) Add atmoshperic pressure

c) Substract 273

d) Add 273


Q4. A projective is fired at an angle to the vertical. Its horizontal range will be maximum when given angle is

a) 0 degree

b) 30 degree

c) 45 degree

d) 60 degree


Q5. Otto cycle consists of following four processes

a) Two isothermal and two isentropics

b) Two isentropics and two constant volumes

c) Two isentropics, one constant volume and one constant pressure

d) Two isentropics and two constant pressures


Q6. In refrigerators, the temperature difference between the evaporating refrigerant and the medium being cooled should be

a) High, of the order of 25 degree

b) As low as possible (3 to 11 degree centigrade)

c) Zero

d) Any value


Q7. Water boils when its vapour pressure

a) Equals that of the surroundings

b) Equals 760 mm of mercury

c) Equals to atmoshperic pressure

d) Equal to pressure of water in the container


Q8. For finding out the bending moment for the arm ( spoke) of flywheel, the arm is assumed as

a) A cantilever beam fixed at the rim and subjected to tangential force at the hub

b) A simply supported beam fixed at hub and rim and carrying uniformly distributed load

c) A cantilever beam fixed at the hub and subjected to tangential force at the rim

d) A fixed beam fixed at hub and rim and carrying uniformly distributed load


Q9. When a shaft is subjected to a twisting moment, every cross-section of the shaft will be under

a) Tensile Stress

b) Compressive Stress

c) Shear Stress

d) Bending Stress


Q10. A bar of length L meters extends by l mm under a tensile force of P. The strain produced in the bar is

a) l/L

b) 0.1 l/L

c) 0.01 l/L

d) 0.001 l/L


Q11. A piece of wood having weight 5 kg floats in water with 60% of its volume under the liquid. The specific gravity of wood is

a) 0.83

b) 0.6

c) 0.4

d) 0.3


Q12. The unit of radio-activity is

a) electron-volt

b) electron-ampere

c) curie

d) MeV


Q13. In an application, the bearing is subjected to radial as well as axial loads. Which type of rolling contact bearings you would suggest?

a) Cylindrical roller bearing

b) Needle roller bearing

c) Thrust ball bearing

d) Taper roller bearing


Q14. Solder used for welding electrical wires is an alloly consisting of

a) tin, antimony and copper

b) tin and copper

c) lead and zinc

d) tin and lead


Q15. A this spherical shell of diameter (d) and thickness (t) is subjected to an internal pressure (p). The stress in the shell material is

a) pd/t

b) pd/2t

c) pd/4t

d) pd/8t


Q16. Rivets are generally specified by

a) Thickness of plates to be joined

b) Overall length

c) Shank diameter

d) Diameter of head


Q17. Manganese in steel increases its

a) Hardenability

b) Ductility

c) Malleability

d) Fluidity


Q18. An important property of high silicon (12% – 18%) in cast iron is the high

a) Tenacity

b) Brittleness

c) Plasticity

d) Hardness


Q19. In transverse fillet welded joint, the size of weld is equal to

a) 0.5 x Throat of weld

b) Throat of weld

c) (Sqrt 2) x Throat of weld

d) 2 x Throat of weld


Q20. The maximum tangential stress in a thick cylindrical shell is always _____ the internal pressure acting on the shell.

a) equal to

b) less than

c) greater than

d) No relation between them


Part 11: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1 Answer c

Q2 Answer c

Q3 Answer b

Q4 Answer c

Q5 Answer b

Q6 Answer b

Q7 Answer a

Q8 Answer c

Q9 Answer c

Q10 Answer d

Q11 Answer b

Q12 Answer c

Q13 Answer d

Q14 Answer d

Q15 Answer c

Q16 Answer c

Q17 Answer a

Q18 Answer d

Q19 Answer c

Q20 Answer c