ISRO Technical Assistant 12

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Sample Question Paper Mini Test Series: ISRO Technical Assistant 12

ISRO Mechanical Technical Assistant 12

Part 12: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. Which of the following is a vector quantity?

a) mass

b) momentum

c) angle

d) speed


Q2. A projectile is fired at an angle Theta to the vertical. Its horizontal range will be maximum when Theta is

a) 30 degree

b) 45 degree

c) 60 degree

d) 90 degree


Q3. A body moves, from rest with a constant acceleration of 5 m per sec. The distance covered in 5 sec is most nearly

a) 38 m

b) 62.5 m

c) 96 m

d) 124 m


Q4. A thief stole a box full of jewelry of W kg and while carrying it on his head jumped down from third storey of the building. Before he reached the ground, he experienced a load of

a) zero

b) infinite

c) less than W

d) greater than W


Q5. According to which law, all perfect gases change in volume by 1/273rd of their original volume at 0 degree centigrade for every 10 degree centigrade change in temperature when pressure remains constant

a) Joule's law

b) Boyle's law

c) Gay-Lussac law

d) Charle's law


Q6. Which of the following is the property of a system?

a) Pressure and temperature

b) Internal energy

c) Volume and density

d) All of the above


Q7. In an isothermal process, the internal energy of gas molecules

a) Increase

b) Decrease

c) Remains constant

d) May increase/decrease depending on the properties of gas


Q8. Change in internal energy in a closed system is equal to heat transferred if the reversible process takes place at constant

a) Pressure

b) Temperature

c) Volume

d) Internal energy


Q9. If a heat engine attains 100% thermal efficiency, it violates

a) Zeroth law of thermodynamics

b) First law of thermodynamics

c) Second law of thermodynamics

d) All of the above laws


Q10. The door of a running refrigerator inside a room was left open. Which of the following statements is correct?

a) The room will be cooled to the temperature inside the refrigerator

b) The room will be cooled very slightly

c) The room will be gradually warmed up

d) The temperature of the air in room will remain unaffected


Q11. If hot water and cold water are mixed, then the entropy of the system will

a) Increase

b) Decrease

c) remains same

d) May increase/decrease depending on initial temperature of hot water and cold water


Q12. During a process on the closed system, its internal energy increases by twice the units than heat added to it. It is possible due to

a) Radiation of heat from the surroundings

b) Increasing of temperature

c) Performing of shaft work on the system

d) Performing of shaft work by the system.


Q13. A weight of 200N is to be pulled over a surface with coefficient of friction 0.2. What is the force needed to start motion?

a) 1000 N

b) 40 N

c) 200.2 N

d) 199.2 N


Q14. When an orifice for flow measurement in a pipe is replaced by a venturimeter, the pressure drop for the same flow is expected to

a) remain same

b) increase

c) decrease

d) None of these


Q15. Operating characteristic (Oc) curve shows probability of acceptance Vs fraction _____

a) acceptable

b) rejection

c) defective

d) None of these


Q16. Break even analysis considers _____ cost (s).

a) fixed

b) variable

c) fixed & variable

d) no


Q17. A 4-pole 50 Hz induction motor runs at 1455 rpm. What is the slip speed?

a) 55 rpm

b) 50 rpm

c) 45 rpm

d) None of these


Q18. Resistance of a material to fatigue is indicated by

a) Elastic limit

b) Limit of proportionality

c) Endurance limit

d) None of these


Q19. Line balancing is imperative in _____ production

a) batch

b) mass

c) job

d) None of these


Q20. Fuel cell runs on

a) methane

b) nitrogen

c) petrol

d) hydrogen


Part 12: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. Answer b

Q2. Answer b

Q3. Answer b

Q4. Answer a

Q5. Answer d

Q6. Answer d

Q7. Answer c

Q8. Answer c

Q9. Answer c

Q10. Answer c

Q11. Answer a

Q12. Answer c

Q13 Answer b

Q14 Answer c

Q15 Answer c

Q16 Answer c

Q17 Answer c

Q18 Answer c

Q19 Answer b

Q20 Answer d