ISRO Technical Assistant 13

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Sample Question Paper Mini Test Series: ISRO Technical Assistant 13

ISRO Mechanical Technical Assistant 13

Part 13: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. 1 HP is equals to how many kW

a) 0.554

b) 0.653

c) 0.735

d) None of these


Q2. Which type of maintenance requries monitoring plant equipment health.

a) Preventive

b) Scheduled

c) Predictive

d) Break-down


Q3. Which one is an attribute control chart?

a) X

b) P

c) R

d) None of these


Q4. A circle will appear in an isometric drawing as

a) circle

b) hyperbola

c) parabola

d) ellipse


Q5. ABC analysis is tool for _____ management

a) Inventory

b) scheduling

c) quality

d) process


Q6. Thermal stress in a material is proportional to

a) Elastic modulus

b) Co-efficient of expansion

c) Temperature difference

d) All of these


Q7. The behavior of mild steel under creep is a result of

a) strain hardening

b) annealing

c) both A & B

d) None of these


Q8. An helical spring has coil diameter 50 mm and is subjected to axial load W. Another spring has coil diameter 25 mm, but otherwise identical to the first. The deflection of second spring will be _____ of that of first spring.

a) (1/2)

b) (1/4)

c) (1/8)

d) None of these


Q9. A column has a rectangular cross section of 10×20 mm and a length of 1 m. The slenderness ratio of the column is closed to

a) 200

b) 346

c) 477

d) 1000


Q10. Common jet fuel is usually a refined form of

a) Diesel

b) Hydrazine

c) Kerosene

d) Alcohol


Q11. The speed of sound waves in metallic material compared to that in air is

a) Faster

b) Slower

c) Same

d) None of the above


Q12. Derivative of cos x with respect to x is

a) -sin x

b) sin x

c) sec x

d) tan x


Q13. The heat that must be absorbed by ice of mass 500g at (-10 degree centigrade) to take it to water at 20 degree centigrade is (specific heat of ice is 2.2 kJ/kgK, specific heat of water is 4.2 kJ/kgK and Latent heat of fusion of ice is 300 kJ/kg)

a) 53 kJ

b) 243 kJ

c) 192 kJ

d) 203 kJ


Q14. Which of the processes gives the least surface roughness?

a) turning

b) milling

c) filing

d) lapping


Q15. Which of the following material cannot be machined by EDM?

a) Steel

b) Cast Iron

c) Titanium

d) Glass


Q16. When a dimension is specified as 20mm +0.0200/-0.010, the tolerance provided is

a) 20 microns

b) 10 microns

c) 30 microns

d) 200 microns


Q17. Lower critical temperature of steel is

a) 950 degree centigrade

b) 1560 degree centigrade

c) 800 degree centigrade

d) 723 degree centigrade


Q18. Reynold's number is the ratio of

a) Thermal conductivity to kinematic viscosity

b) Inertia force to viscous force

c) Heat convected to heat conducted

d) None of the above


Q19. Efficiency of a Carnot cycle is _____ where T2 is the highest temperature and T1 is the lowest temperature during the cycle

a) (T1/T2)-1

b) (T1/T2)

c) 1-(T1/T2)

d) 1+(T1/T2)


Q20. When the mach number is less than unity, the flow is

a) Supersonic

b) Subsonic

c) Sonic

d) Hypersonic


Part 13: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1 Answer c

Q2 Answer c

Q3 Answer b

Q4 Answer d

Q5 Answer a

Q6 Answer d

Q7 Answer c

Q8 Answer c

Q9 Answer b

Q10 Answer c

Q11 Answer a

Q12 Answer a

Q13 Answer d

Q14 Answer d

Q15 Answer d

Q16 Answer c

Q17 Answer d

Q18 Answer b

Q19 Answer c

Q20 Answer b