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Sample Question Paper Mini Test Series: ISRO Technical Assistant 2

ISRO Mechanical Technical Assistant 2

Part 2: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. A ball is dropped from a height of 10 m on a smooth floor and after the impact the ball bounces to a height of 2.5 m. The coefficient of restitution between the ball and the floor is

a) 0.25

b) 0.33

c) 0.67

d) 0.5


Q2. When the state is being changed from gas to liquid through the process of condensation, the temperature?

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Remains constant

d) may increase or decrease


Q3. Weber number is defined as the ratio of inertia force to

a) Viscous force

b) Surface tension force

c) Elastic force

d) Gravity force


Q4. The ratio of RMS value to the average value of an alternating current waveform is called

a) Peak factor

b) Power factor

c) Form factor

d) None of the above


Q5. Age of a father is 3 more than 3 times his son's age. Five years before age of father was one less than 5 times his son's age. Age of father is

a) 39

b) 12

c) 75

d) 61


Q6. Pyrometry deals with the measurement of

a) Elevated temperature

b) Shocks

c) Humidity

d) Current


Q7. Endurance limit is associated with

a) Torsion

b) Bending

c) Shear

d) Fatigue


Q8. Which of the following materials generally exhibits a yield point?

a) Cast Iron

b) Annealed and hot rolled mild steel

c) Soft Brass

d) Glass


Q9. Electron Beam Welding is generally carried out at

a) Vacuum

b) Low temperature

c) Submerged in Inert media

d) Does not depend on environment


Q10. Centre of a circle is (2, -3), one end point of a diameter is (-3, 2), the coordinate of the other end point is

a) (-7, 8)

b) (7, 8)

c) (7, -8)

d) (-7, -8)


Q11. When two springs with stiffness k are in series, their equivalent stiffness will be

a) k x k

b) 2k

c) (k/2)

d) 1/(k x k)


Q12. 18/8 stainless steel refers to stainless steel grade with composition

a) 18 % Chromium and 8 % Nickel

b) 18 % Nickel and 8 % Chromium

c) 18 % Vanadium and 8 % Chromium

d) 18% Chromium and 8% Vanadium


Q13. For a lightly damped vibrating system executing steady state forced vibration, the phase lag of displacement with respect to force at resonance is

a) 270 degree

b) 90 degree

c) 45 degree

d) 0 degree


Q14. The ratio of volume to surface area of a solid semi sphere is related to its radius through

a) (2/9)

b) (1/6)

c) (4/9)

d) (1/9)


Q15. 98×98+2x100x2-4 is _____

a) 1921196

b) 19604

c) 10000

d) 48412


Q16. Relief angle in a cutting tool generally varies from

a) 1 to 2 degree

b) 2 to 4 degree

c) 5 to 15 degree

d) 15 to 25 degree


Q17. In Lewis equation for bending stress, gear tooth is considered as

a) Simply supported

b) Cantilever beam

c) Curved beam

d) None of the above


Q18. A uniform straight rod is subjected to axial load. Which of the following statement is correct?

a) It induces maximum shear stress on the transverse plane

b) It induces maximum normal stress on the plane inclined at 45 degree to axis of rod

c) It induces maximum shear stress on the plane inclined at 45 degree to axis of rod

d) It induces zero shear stress on any plane inclined to axis of rod


Q19. If the ratio G/E=0.4, the Poisson's ratio will be :

(G = Rigidity Modulus, E = Youngs Modulus)

a) 0.2

b) 0.25

c) 0.3

d) 0.33


Q20. Rockwell hardness test uses

a) Depth of penetration of indenter

b) Surface area of indentation

c) Projected area of indentation

d) Height of rebound


Part 2: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1 Answer d

Q2 Answer c

Q3 Answer b

Q4 Answer c

Q5 Answer a

Q6 Answer a

Q7 Answer d

Q8 Answer b

Q9 Answer a

Q10 Answer c

Q11 Answer c

Q12 Answer a

Q13 Answer b

Q14 Answer a

Q15 Answer c

Q16 Answer c

Q17 Answer b

Q18 Answer c

Q19 Answer b

Q20 Answer a