ISRO Technical Assistant 3

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Sample Question Paper Mini Test Series: ISRO Technical Assistant 3

ISRO Mechanical Technical Assistant 3

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. Air refrigeration system operates on

a) Carnot cycle

b) Reversed carnot cycle

c) Rankine cycle

d) Bell Coleman cycle


Q2. HCF of 12, 18, 24 is

a) 6

b) 12

c) 2

d) 18


Q3. In a beam, point of contra flexure is where

a) Shear Force is zero

b) Shear Force is maximum

c) Bending moment is zero

d) Bending moment is maximum


Q4. The slope of Bending moment diagram at any section of a loaded beam equals

a) Maximum shear force in the beam

b) Maximum bending moment on the beam

c) Intensity of shear force at that section

d) None of the above


Q5. A bucket of water of 50 kg is lifted vertically upwards with a uniform acceleration of 0.5 m/square second (g=10m/square second). Calculate the tension in the rope?

a) 525 N

b) 475 N

c) 25 N

d) 52.5 N


Q6. A measure of the resistance of a liquid to shearing forces is given by its

a) Density

b) Viscosity

c) Resistivity

d) Solubility


Q7. Annealing is a heat treatment carried out to

a) Harden and toughen the material

b) Increase carbon content

c) Restore ductility

d) Induction harden


Q8. The use of Draft tube in a reaction type water turbine helps to

a) Prevents air from entering turbine

b) Increase flow rate

c) Convert kinetic energy to pressure energy

d) Prevent eddies downstream


Q9. A ball is projected up vertically with a velocity of 9.8 m/s. The time it takes to reach the ground is

a) 0.5 seconds

b) 4 seconds

c) 2 seconds

d) 9.8 seconds


Q10. An object weighs 60N in air and 55N when fully submerged in water, its specific gravity is

a) 12

b) 1

c) 6

d) 2


Q11. A P-N junction diode has

a) Low forward and high reverse resistance

b) Non linear V-I characteristics

c) Very low forward current till forward voltage reaches cut in voltage

d) All of the above


Q12. The voltage across a zener diode is

a) Constant in forward direction

b) Constant in reverse direction

c) Constant in both forward and reverse direction

d) None of the above


Q13. Seamless tubes are made by

a) Piercing

b) Forward extrusion

c) Hot rolling

d) Drawing


Q14. Steradian is the SI unit of

a) Planar angle

b) Solid angle

c) Angle subtended by pi/4 in a circle

d) None of the above


Q15. In a simple Gear Train, Driver has 50 teeth and Follower has 30 teeth. Movement ratio is

a) 0.6

b) 1.67

c) 20

d) 80


Q16. The angle turned through by a cam whilst its follower is stationary is called

a) Pressure angle

b) Angle of Lap

c) Dwell angle

d) Friction angle


Q17. Ball and Socket Joint is an example for

a) Spherical pair

b) Rolling pair

c) Turning pair

d) None of the above


Q18. For Saturated air, relative humidity (in %) will be

a) 0

b) 100

c) 50

d) 99


Q19. The major alloying element of AA 2xxx series of Aluminium alloy is

a) Mn

b) Cu

c) Si

d) Zn


Q20. Crystal structure of Aluminium is

a) Body Centered Cubic

b) Simple Hexagonal

c) Face centered Cubic

d) Simple Trigonal


Part 3: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1 Answer d

Q2 Answer a

Q3 Answer c

Q4 Answer c

Q5 Answer a

Q6 Answer b

Q7 Answer c

Q8 Answer c

Q9 Answer c

Q10 Answer a

Q11 Answer d

Q12 Answer b

Q13 Answer b

Q14 Answer b

Q15 Answer a

Q16 Answer c

Q17 Answer a

Q18 Answer b

Q19 Answer b

Q20 Answer c