ISRO Technical Assistant 8

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Sample Question Paper Mini Test Series: ISRO Technical Assistant 8

ISRO Mechanical Technical Assistant 8

Part 8: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. A tensile load of 500 N is applied to a circular rod of diameter 5 mm. The normal stress is approximately

a) 100 N/square millimeter

b) 25 Mpa

c) 100 N/suare centimeter

d) 25 Nmm


Q2. A reversible heat engine operates between 300K and 600K. If heat output is 200 KJ, the heat input is

a) 100 kJ

b) 300 kJ

c) 600 kJ

d) 400 kJ


Q3. Bernoulli's theorem applies to which type of flow

a) incompressible

b) steady

c) non-viscous

d) all of these combined


Q4. Tensile stress in thin spherical shell subjected to internal pressure is

a) pd/4t

b) pd/2t

c) pd/8t

d) pd/3t


Q5. Cavitation in a pump is associated with which pressure

a) atmospheric

b) critical

c) vapour

d) None of these


Q6. Petrol engine works on

a) Carnot cycle

b) Rankine cycle

c) Otto cycle

d) Joule cycle


Q7. Pressure at a depth of 15 m under water surface in a dam is approximately

a) 15 bar (a)

b) 1.5 Mpa

c) 150 kPa (g)

d) None of these


Q8. Ductility of material is indicated by

a) Ultimate strength

b) Endurance strength

c) Yield strength

d) elongation


Q9. Unit of thermal conductivity is

a) J/kgK

b) W/square meter Kelvin

c) W/mK

d) None of these


Q10. Power transmitted by a shaft running at 700 rpm with torque of 6kNm is

a) 880 kW

b) 440 kW

c) 220 kW

d) None of these


Q11. water in a pipeline is doubled, then the pressure drop will be how many time the original value.

a) same as

b) 2 times

c) 4 times

d) one-half of


Q12. The average cutting speed in machining mild steel by single point tool of HSS is

a) 10 m/minute

b) 20 m/minute

c) 30 m/minute

d) 40 m/minute


Q13. The shear stress in throat area of weld joint of length 'L' and weld legh 'h', subjected to parallel load 'P' is

a) P/hL

b) 0.707 P/hL

c) 1.414 P/hL

d) None of these


Q14. In centrifugal casting method, which type of core is used

a) Sand

b) No core is used

c) ferrous

d) Non-ferrous


Q15. If the tight and slack side tensions in a flat belt running at 1 km/minute are 1500 N and 1000 N, the power transmitted is

a) 15.3 kW

b) 10 kW

c) 8.3 kW

d) None of these


Q16. Which material has maximum thermal conductivity?

a) Mild steel

b) Aluminium

c) Stainless steel

d) Copper


Q17. Two forces 40 N and 30 N act at right angles to each other on a particle. The resultant force is

a) 1200 N

b) 50 N

c) 50 kg

d) 70 N


Q18. Heat transfer occurs due to _____ difference

a) Thermal conductivity

b) Temperature

c) Specific heat

d) Heat flux


Q19. Density of mild steel is _____ kg/cubic meter

a) 10,200

b) 7,860

c) 9,010

d) None of these


Q20. A _____ die, both cutting and non-cutting operations are done in a press station in one stroke of ram.

a) Compound

b) Combination

c) Simple

d) Progressive


Part 8: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1 Answer b

Q2 Answer d

Q3 Answer d

Q4 Answer a

Q5 Answer c

Q6 Answer c

Q7 Answer c

Q8 Answer d

Q9 Answer c

Q10 Answer b

Q11 Answer c

Q12 Answer c

Q13 Answer c

Q14 Answer b

Q15 Answer c

Q16 Answer d

Q17 Answer b

Q18 Answer b

Q19 Answer b

Q20 Answer b