ISRO Technical Assistant 9

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Sample Question Paper Mini Test Series: ISRO Technical Assistant 9

ISRO Mechanical Technical Assistant 9

Part 9: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1. H7 f7 represents a _____ fit.

a) Interference

b) clearance

c) transition

d) Very tight


Q2. Annealing does not

a) Soften the metal

b) relieve stress

c) refine the grain structure

d) increase the yield point


Q3. For a cantilever beam of length 2m, under load 1 kN/m, maximum bending moment is

a) 1 kN/m

b) 1 kN/m

c) 2 kN/m

d) None of these


Q4. A taper provided on pattern for it's easy withdrawal from mould is called _____ allowance.

a) Shrinkage

b) Machining

c) Draft

d) Distortion


Q5. The output of a turbine is 3000 kW and efficiency is 25%. The input power is

a) 600 kW

b) 1200 kW

c) 900 kW

d) 1500 kW


Q6. Thermal efficiency of Carnot cycle depends on _____ temperature only.

a) Source

b) sink

c) Source & sink

d) None of these


Q7. For welding plates of <5mm thickness, the edge require _____ bevelling.

a) double V

b) single V

c) No

d) single U


Q8. A 20 tooth pinion meshes with a 63 tooth gear. The gear ratio is

a) 83.5

b) 43.5

c) 0.6

d) 3.15


Q9. Thermal efficiency of a 2-stroke engine is _____ with respect to a 4-stroke engine.

a) more

b) less

c) same

d) None of these


Q10. In Electro-chemical Machining, material removal is due to

a) Corrosion

b) Erosion

c) fusion

d) Ion displacement


Q11. A rectangular bar with a circular hole is to be made of a material with actual maximum permissible stress of 150 Mpa. If stress concentration factor for the configuration is 3.0, what is the nominal average stress for sizing the section?

a) 450 Mpa

b) 50 Mpa

c) 147 Mpa

d) None of these


Q12. TIG welding is preferred for

a) Aluminum

b) Silver

c) Mild steel

d) All of these


Q13. Which engine requires forward motion through air to produce thrust

a) I.C.

b) Rocket

c) Steam

d) Ramjet


Q14. Which of the following is essential for boiler operation?

a) Superheater

b) Economiser

c) Injector

d) Safety valve


Q15. A nozzle is said to be chocked when

a) It discharges to atmosphere

b) it is plugged

c) It's flow is maximum

d) exit pressure is zero


Q16. Human heart is a _____ pump

a) reciprocating

b) positive displacement

c) centrifugal

d) None of these


Q17. Choose the odd-one out.

a) Solar

b) Wind

c) Ocean-thermal

d) Coal


Q18. Large Reynolds number is an indication of

a) Streamline flow

b) Steady flow

c) Laminar flow

d) Highly turbulent flow


Q19. As per Avogadro's law, volume of 1 k mol of any gas is _____ cubic meter at N.T.P.

a) 22.413

b) 8.314

c) 273.15

d) None of these


Q20. Efficiency of induction motors can be about

a) 50 to 90 %

b) 95 to 98 %

c) 99%

d) 80 to 90 %


Part 9: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper (ISRO Technical Assistant)


Q1 Answer b

Q2 Answer d

Q3 Answer c

Q4 Answer c

Q5 Answer b

Q6 Answer c

Q7 Answer c

Q8 Answer d

Q9 Answer b

Q10 Answer d

Q11 Answer b

Q12 Answer a

Q13 Answer d

Q14 Answer d

Q15 Answer c

Q16 Answer b

Q17 Answer d

Q18 Answer d

Q19 Answer a

Q20 Answer d