Manufacturing Technology 5

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Objective Questions and Answer: Manufacturing Technology 5

Subject:  Manufacturing Technology 5

Part 5: Objective questions and answers of Manufacturing Technology


Q1. Lathe spindle has got

a) Internal threads

b) External threads

c) Taper threads

d) No threads


Q2. Lathe centres are provided with the following standard taper

a) Morse

b) British

c) Metric

d) Any taper


Q3. For machining a casting on a lathe, it should be held in

a) 3 Jaw chuck

b) 4 Jaw chuck

c) Magnetic chuck

d) Collect chuck


Q4. Under cutting is the operation of cutting

a) A deep groove

b) A groove

c) A groove next to shoulder

d) None of the above


Q5. Which of the following taper turning methods are used for turning the external taper

a) Form tool

b) Compound rest

c) Taper turning attachment

d) Tail stock offset


Q6. Irregular shaped workpieces are turned by mounting in

a) 3 Jaw universal chuck

b) 4 Jaw independent chuck

c) Collet chuck

d) Magnetic chuck


Q7. The device which is fastened to the head stock end of the work to be turned between the centres is called a

a) Face plate

b) Lathe dog

c) Chuck

d) Reset


Q8. Heavy speed shafts to be turned by carbide tools on centre lathe must be supported in

a) 3 Jaw universal chuck

b) 4 Jaw independent chuck

c) Collet chuck

d) Magnetic chuck


Q9. One of the most specification of the lathe is

a) Swing over tool post

b) Swing over tool bed

c) Bed length

d) Distance between centres


Q10. For fast metal removal rate on lathe we have to

a) Increase the speed

b) Decrease the speed

c) Give rough cut

d) Give smooth cut


Q11. The last element in the tool signature

a) Back rake angle

b) Side rake angle

c) Nose radius

d) Side relief angle


Q12. Large jobs on shaper are held with the help of

a) Vice

b) On floor directly

c) Using clamps

d) Clamps, bolts and squares


Q13. The feeding of the job in a shaper is done by

a) Ram movement

b) Tool movement

c) Table movement

d) None of the above


Q14. In case of shaper, the feeding of the job is done

a) At the beginning of cutting stroke

b) At the middle of cutting stroke

c) At the end of cutting stroke

d) At the end of return stroke


Q15. In case of shaper with whitworth mechanism

a) The cutting stroke is faster than return stroke

b) The return stroke is faster than cutting stroke

c) Both take same time

d) The return stroke is slower than cutting stroke


Q16. Size of the shaper is specified by

a) Size of table

b) Length of stroke

c) Ratio of forward to return stroke

d) H.P of motor


Q17. To increase the life of shaper tools after they are ground, they should be

a) Heat treated

b) Lapped

c) Hardened

d) None of the above


Q18. Which of the following work holding device is preferred for shaping a key way in a cylindrical shaft

a) An angle plate

b) V – Block

c) Vise

d) Dividing head


Q19. Which of the following is not the part of shaper

a) Clapper box

b) Cross slide

c) Ram

d) Tool head


Q20. The point of a twist drill is thinned in order to

a) Decrease rake angle

b) Reduce axial feed pressure

c) Increase rake angle

d) Reduce the hole diameter


Part 5: Objective questions and answers of Manufacturing Technology


Q1. Answer b

Q2. Answer a

Q3. Answer b

Q4. Answer c

Q5. Answer d

Q6. Answer b

Q7. Answer b

Q8. Answer b

Q9. Answer b

Q10. Answer c

Q11. Answer c

Q12. Answer d

Q13. Answer c

Q14. Answer d

Q15. Answer b

Q16. Answer b

Q17. Answer b

Q18. Answer b

Q19. Answer b

Q20. Answer

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