Manufacturing Technology 7

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Objective Questions and Answer: Manufacturing Technology 7

Subject:  Manufacturing Technology 7

Part 7: Objective questions and answers of Manufacturing Technology


Q1. Machining of mechanical components of watch is done by

a) Ultrasonic machining

b) Electro chemical machining

c) Laser beam machining

d) Electrical discharge machining


Q2. The preferred abrasive material in AJM is

a) Boron carbide

b) Silicon Carbide

c) Titanium Carbide

d) None of the above


Q3. In AJM, the grains should have sharp edges and should not be reused as the sharp edges are worn down and smaller particles will

a) Destroy the nozzle

b) Move through the nozzle

c) Clog nozzle

d) None of the above


Q4. AJM is good for materials that cannot withstand

a) High temperature

b) High pressure

c) High velocity

d) High current density


Q5. The magnetic lens in EBM ______ the quality of the electron beam.

a) Decreases

b) Increases

c) Neither increases nor decreases

d) None of the above


Q6. The electron beam in EBM is modified by small amount to improve shape of the machined holes using

a) Magnetic lens

b) Deflection coil

c) Anode

d) Cathode


Q7. A control system features used for generating circular profiles in CNC machines is called

a) Circular interpolation

b) Linear interpolation

c) Either (a) or (b)

d) None of the above


Q8. The code G 03 stands for

a) Circular interpolation clock wise

b) Circular interpolation counter clock wise

c) Linear interpolation

d) None of the above


Q9. The code G 00 stands for

a) Rapid traverse

b) Linear interpolation

c) Cutter compensation

d) None of the above


Q10. A characteristics of numerical control system which allows the Zero reference point to the shifted to any where over the full traverse of the machine slide is called

a) Floating zero

b) Fixed zero

c) Absolute zero

d) None of the above


Q11. Fixed sequence of operations which are permanently stored in the control system which can be called & used by a single command in the part program is called

a) Canned cycle

b) Block

c) Program

d) None of the above


Q12. The code M 30 stands for

a) Program stop

b) Program start

c) Coolant on

d) Coolant off


Q13. The code M 06 stands for

a) Tool change

b) Coolant on

c) Coolant off

d) None of the above


Q14. The code M 08 stands for

a) Tool change

b) Coolant on

c) Coolant off

d) None of the above


Q15. MDI in CNC programming means

a) Mass Data Input

b) Material Data Input

c) Machine Data Input

d) Manual Data Input


Q16. In Arc welding

a) Alternating current with high frequency is used

b) Alternative current with low frequency is used

c) Direct current is used

d) Any of these


Q17. Which of the following welding method uses a pool of molten metal

a) Carbon arc welding

b) Submerged arc welding

c) TIG arc welding

d) MIG arc welding


Q18. In submerged arc welding the arc is produced between

a) Carbon electrode and the work

b) Metal electrode and the work

c) Bare metal electrode and the work

d) Two tungsten electrode and the work


Q19. Most commonly used flame in gas welding is

a) Neutral

b) Oxidizing

c) Carburising

d) None


Q20. Which one of the following is a permanent fastening process in which two metals pieces are joined together to form a single piece

a) Welding

b) Casting

c) Joining

d) None


Part 7: Objective questions and answers of Manufacturing Technology


Q1. Answer c

Q2. Answer b

Q3. Answer c

Q4. Answer a

Q5. Answer b

Q6. Answer b

Q7. Answer a

Q8. Answer b

Q9. Answer a

Q10. Answer a

Q11. Answer a

Q12. Answer a

Q13. Answer a

Q14. Answer b

Q15. Answer c

Q16. Answer d

Q17. Answer b

Q18. Answer c

Q19. Answer a

Q20. Answer a

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