Power Plant Engineering 1

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Subject: Power Plant Engineering 1

Part 1: List for questions and answers of Power Plant Engineering

Q1. Enriched uranium is required as a fuel in a nuclear reactor, if light water is used as moderator and coolant, because light water has
a) High neutron absorption cross-section
b) Low moderating efficiency
c) High neutron scatter cross-section
d) Low neutron absorption cross-section

Q2. The efficiency of a nuclear power plant in comparison to conventional and nuclear consideration is
a) Higher cost of nuclear fuel
b) High initial cost
c) High heat rejection in condenser
d) Lower temperature and pressure conditions

Q3. The control rods in the control system of nuclear reactors are used to
a) Absorb excess neutrons
b) Control fuel consumption
c) Control temperature
d) All of these

Q4. Electron volt is the unit of
a) Atomic power
b) Energy
c) Voltage
d) Radio activity

Q5. A moderator, in nuclear power plants, is a medium introduced into the fuel mass in order to
a) Slow down the speed of fast moving neutrons
b) Control the reaction
c) Reduce the temperature
d) Extracts heat from nuclear reaction

Q6. One gram of uranium will produce energy equivalent to approximately
a) 1 tonne of high grade coal
b) 4.5 tonnes of high grade coal
c) 10 tonnes of high grade coal
d) 100 tonnes of high grade coal

Q7. Which of the following type of pump is used in liquid metal cooled reactor for
circulation of liquid metal
a) Centrifugal
b) Axial
c) Reciprocation
d) Electromagnetic

Q8. Where reactor operation is designed with fast neutrons such as in reactors using highly enriched fuel, the moderator used is
a) Heavy water
b) Graphite
c) Carbon dioxide
d) No moderator is needed

Q9. The nuclear energy is measured as
a) Mev
b) Curie
c) Farads
d) Mw

Q10. Isotopes of same elements have
a) Same atomic number and different masses
b) Same chemical properties but different atomic numbers
c) Different masses and different atomic numbers
d) Different chemical properties and same atomic numbers

Q11. A boiling water reactor uses following as fuel
a) Enriched uranium
b) Plutonium
c) Thorium
d) U

Q12. Which of the following statement is correct regarding the features of a breeder reactor?
a) It produces more fuel than it consumes
b) It requires highly enriched fuel
c) It requires liquid sodium metal as moderator
d) All of the above

Q13. In nuclear fission each neutron that causes fission releases
a) No new neutron
b) At least one new neutron
c) One new neutron
d) More than one new neutron

Q14. Artificial radioactive isotopes find application in
a) Power generation
b) Nucleonic devices
c) Nuclear fission
d) Medical field

Q15. Each fission of uā‚‚ā‚ƒā‚… produces on the average _________ fast neutrons as a product of reaction
a) 2.46
b) 24.6
c) 246
d) 2460 a

Q16. The process by which a heavy nucleus is spitted into two light nuclei is known as
a) Splitting
b) Fission
c) Fusion
d) Disintegration

Q17. Which of the following is more appropriate for a moderator? One which
a) Does not absorb neutrons
b) Absorbs neutrons
c) Accelerates neutrons
d) Eats up neutrons

Q18. A nuclear reactor is said to be critical when the neutron population in the reactor core is
a) Rapidly increasing leading to the point of explosion
b) Decreasing from the specified value
c) Reduced to zero
d) Constant

Q19. The most commonly used moderator in nuclear plants is
a) Heavy water
b) Concrete and bricks
c) Graphite and concrete
d) Graphite

Q20. Reactors for propulsion applications are designed for
a) Any form of uranium
b) Natural uranium
c) Enriched uranium
d) Plutonium

Part 1: List for questions and answers of Power Plant Engineering

Q1. Answer: b

Q2. Answer: d

Q3. Answer: a

Q4. Answer: b

Q5. Answer: a

Q6. Answer: b

Q7. Answer: d

Q8. Answer: d

Q9. Answer: a

Q10. Answer: b

Q11. Answer: a

Q12. Answer: d

Q13. Answer: d

Q14. Answer: d

Q15. Answer: a

Q16. Answer: b

Q17. Answer: a

Q18. Answer: d

Q19. Answer: d

Q20. Answer: c