Theory of Machines 2

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Subject: Theory of Machines 2

Part 2: List for questions and answers of Theory of Machines-II

Q1.What is the axial pitch for helical gears if helix angle is 25 deg. and normal module is 7?
a) 50.55 mm
b) 52.03 mm
c) 32.15 mm
d) 11.31 mm

Q2.A helical gear transmits power of 2050 W and has helix angle of 25 deg. If pitch line velocity is 15 m/s then what is the maximum tangential force acting on helical gear tooth? (Assume Ka = 1 & Km = 1.2)
a) 113.88 N
b) 136 N
c) 164 N
d) None of the above

Q3.Angle made by ________ with axis of rotation is called as helix angle
a) Only helix
b) Only teeth
c) Helix or teeth
d) None of the above

Q4.What is the minimum face width required for a helical gear which has helix angle of 23 deg. & normal module of 7?
a) ≥ 64.72
b) ≥ 56.28
c) ≥ 33.35
d) ≥ 8.74

Q5.To avoid interference the minimum number of teeth required on helical pinion decreases as helix angle ________
a) Decreases
b) Increases
c) Does not affect number of teeth
d) None of the above

Q6.Which of the following statements is/are true?
a) Helical gears have high contact ratio than spur gears
b) Axial thrust is created by helical gears on bearings
c) Crossed helical gears are used for power and motion transmission
d) All of the above

Q7.A helical gear has normal module of 6 mm. What is the transverse module if helix angle is 25 deg?
a) 4.95 mm
b) 500 mm
c) 5.43 mm
d) 6.62 mm

Q8.What is the effect of large diametric quotient on worm and worm wheel?
a) Strength and rigidity of worm shaft is high
b) Efficiency of worm shaft increases
c) Worm shaft becomes weaker
d) All of the above

Q9.The shortest distance between worm gear and axes of the worm is given ______
a) m (zw + zg) / q
b) m (zw + zg) / 2
c) m (q + zg) / 2
d) √m (q + zg) / 2

Q10.A standard worm gear pair is designated as 4/40/10/8, what does number 10 in it indicate?
a) Number of starts on worm
b) Diametric quotient
c) Centre distance
d) Module

Q11.A worm gear pair is designated as 1/30/10/8. What is the face width of the worm gear?
a) 30 mm
b) 53.07 mm
c) 58.4 mm
d) 62.3 mm

Q12.A worm gear pair has 2 starts on worm thread, 11.2 as diametric quotient, 2 as module and 38 numbers of teeth on worm gear. How is the gear pair designated with these specifications?
a) 2/11.2/38/2*
b) 11.2/2/38/2
c) 2/38/2/11.2
d) 2/38/11.2/2

Q13.What is the shortest distance between worm gear and axes of the worm for a worm gear pair designated as 2/40/10/8?
a) 50 mm
b) 200 mm
c) 320 mm
d) 360 mm

Q14.If pressure angle is 22 deg.  and coefficient of friction is 0.05. What is the axial force acting on the worm gear designated as 1/40/10/5, if tangential force of 1200 N acts on it?
a) 1241.2 N
b) 2618.4 N
c) 7755.1 N
d) 7847.4 N

Q15.The gears used to connect non-parallel and non-intersecting shafts is
a) Straight bevel gears
b) Spiral bevel gears
c) Spiral gears
d) Double helical gears

Q16.To connect two intersecting shafts we use
a) Spur gear
b) Helical gear
c) Worm and wheel
d) Bevel gears

Q17.The gear used to convert rotary motion into translating motion is
a) Worm and wheel
b) Crown gear
c) Rack and pinion
d) Spiral Bevel gear

Q18.Which of the following type of gear has inclined teeth?
a) Spur gear
b) Helical gear
c) Spiral gear
d) All of the above

Q19.The point of contact of two pitch circles of mating gears is called
a) Pressure point
b) Pitch point
c) Module
d) Contact point

Q20.The circular pitch of a gear is given by
a) Πd/t
b) Πd/2t
c) 2Πd/t
d) Πd/3t

Part 2: List for questions and answers of Theory of Machines-II

Q1. Answer: b

Q2. Answer: c

Q3. Answer: c

Q4. Answer: a

Q5. Answer: b

Q6. Answer: d

Q7. Answer: d

Q8. Answer: a

Q9. Answer: c

Q10. Answer: b

Q11. Answer: c

Q12. Answer: d

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: c

Q15. Answer: c

Q16. Answer: d

Q17. Answer: c

Q18. Answer: b

Q19. Answer: b

Q20. Answer: a