Networking 8

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IT Interview Exam Paper: Networking 8

Subject: Networking 8

Part 8: List for questions and answers of Networking


Q1. A receiving host has failed to receive all of the segments that it should acknowledge. What can the host do to improve the reliability of this communication session?

a) Send a different source port number

b) Restart the virtual circuit

c) Decrease the sequence number

d) Decrease the window size


Q2. Routers operate at layer _____. LAN switches operate at layer _____. Ethernet hubs operate at layer _____. Word processing operates at layer _____.

a) 3, 3, 1, 7

b) 3, 2, 1, none

c) 3, 2, 1, 7

d) 3, 3, 2, none


Q3. Which of the following describe router functions?

a) Packet switching

b) Packet filtering

c) Path selection

d) All of the above


Q4. What are the decimal and hexadecimal equivalents for the binary number 10110111?

a) 69/0x2102

b) 183/B7

c) 173/A6

d) 83/0xC5


Q5. What is the purpose of flow control?

a) To ensure that data is retransmitted if an acknowledgment is not received

b) To reassemble segments in the correct order at the destination device

c) To provide a means for the receiver to govern the amount of data sent by the sender

d) To regulate the size of each segment


Q6. Acknowledgments, sequencing, and flow control are characteristics of which OSI layer?

a) Layer 2

b) Layer 3

c) Layer 4

d) Layer 7 


Q7. What type of RJ45 UTP cable do you use to connect a PC’s COM port to a router or switch console port?

a) Straight-through

b) Crossover cable

c) Crossover with a CSU/DSU

d) Rolled


Q8. What type of RJ45 UTP cable is used between switches?

a) Straight-through

b) Crossover cable

c) Crossover with a CSU/DSU

d) Crossover with a router in between the two switches


Q9. How to implement a network medium that is not susceptible to EMI. Which type of cabling should you use?

a) Thicknet coax

b) Thinnet coax

c) Category 5 UTP cable

d) Fiber-optic cable


Q10. Segmentation of a data stream happens at which layer of the OSI model?

a) Physical

b) Data Link

c) Network

d) Transport


Q11. When data is encapsulated, which is the correct order?

a) Data, frame, packet, segment, bit

b) Segment, data, packet, frame, bit

c) Data, segment, packet, frame, bit

d) Data, segment, frame, packet, bit


Q12. Ping can

a) Measure round-trip time

b) Report packet loss

c) Report latency

d) All of the mentioned 


Q13. Ping sweep is a part of

a) Traceroute

b) Nmap

c) Route

d) Ipconfig


Q14. ICMP is used in

a) Ping

b) Traceroute

c) Ifconfig

d) Both a and b


Q15. _____ command is used to manipulate TCP/IP routing table

a) route

b) Ipconfig

c) Ifconfig

d) Traceroute


Q16. If you want to find the number of routers between a source and destination, the utility to be used is

a) route

b) Ipconfig

c) Ifconfig

d) Traceroute


Q17. Which of the following is related to ipconfig in Microsoft Windows ?

a) Display all current TCP/IP network configuration values

b) Modify DHCP settings

c) Modify DNS settings

d) All of the mentioned


Q18. The last address of IP address represents

a) Broadcast address

b) Network address

c) None of above

d) Unicast address 


Q19. DHCP is the abbreviation of

a) Dynamic Hyper Configuration Protocol

b) Dynamic Hyper Control Protocol

c) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

d) Dynamic Host Control Protocol


Q20. Which of the following IP address class is Multicast

a) Class B

b) Class A

c) Class D

d) Class C 


Part 8: List for questions and answers of Networking


Q1. Answer:d


Q2. Answer:b


Q3. Answer:d


Q4. Answer:b


Q5. Answer:c


Q6. Answer:c


Q7. Answer:d


Q8. Answer:b


Q9. Answer:d


Q10. Answer:d


Q11. Answer:c


Q12. Answer:d


Q13. Answer:b


Q14. Answer:d


Q15. Answer:a


Q16. Answer:d


Q17. Answer:d


Q18. Answer:a


Q19. Answer:c


Q20. Answer:c