Operating System 15

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IT Interview Exam Paper: Operating System 15

Subject: Operating System 15

Part 15: List for questions and answers of Operating System


Q1. The operating system manages

a) Memory

b) Processes

c) Disks and I/O devices

d) All of above


Q2. The operating system manages

a) Memory

b) Processes

c) Disks and I/O devices

d) all of the above


Q3. You need to duplicate the entire disk which command will you use?

a) Copy

b) Move

c) Diskcopy

d) All of above


Q4. Which of the following is not a system tool?

a) Scandisk

b) Drive space

c) Disk defragmenter

d) Doskey


Q5. DOS stand for

a) Dummy operating system

b) DOS operating system

c) Dirty operating system

d) Disk operating system


Q6. Which of the following statement about directories is false?

a) Directories can exist inside directories

b) The root directory is always at the highest level

c) Directories cannot be renamed

d) Directories can be deleted 


Q7. Which command allows you to show the contents of disk widely in screen?

a) Dir/p

b) Dir/b

c) Dir/w

d) Dir/o:w


Q8. Which command will be used to display only the file name and extensions in wide format?

a) Dir/b

b) Dir A:

c) Dir/s

d) Dir/w


Q9. Which command displays only directory?

a) Dir/aa

b) Dir/od

c) Dir/directory

d) Dir/ad


Q10. Which command permits to see the directory structure in DOS?

a) Display structure

b) Tree

c) Dir/all

d) All of above


Q11. To display hidden files

a) Dir/hidden

b) Attrib/ah

c) Dir/ah

d) None of above


Q12. The command used to display all files (.exe) from the system

a) Dir *.exe

b) Dir *.exe/s

c) Dir *.exe/all

d) None of above 


Q13. The command refreshes the screen and places the cursor at the top left corner of screen

a) CLS

b) Clear

c) Dir



Q14. Which command will you use to display the system date?

a) Date

b) Ver

c) Dir

d) Format


Q15. Which command is used to provide access to program located in other directory or disk?

a) Tree

b) Path

c) Dir

d) CD


Q16. The ….can be defined as the entire windows display and can be envisioned as the electronic equivalent of your own desk’s surface

a) Desktop

b) Windows

c) Dialog box

d) None of above


Q17. In PC from where you will connect internet?

a) Tools

b) Network neighborhood

c) Dial up network

d) None of the above


Q18. The program that is responsible for loading the operating system into RAM is called


b) Bootstrap program

c) Device driver

d) Supervisor program 


Q19. Copying a process from memory to disk to allow space for other processes is Called

a) Swapping

b) Deadlock

c) Demand Paging

d) Page Fault


Q20. Which of the following command is used to ask you to confirm that you want to delete the directory?

a) Deltree/f

b) vErase *.*

c) Deltree *.*

d) Del *.*/p 


Part 15: List for questions and answers of Operating System


Q1. Answer: d


Q2. Answer: d


Q3. Answer: c


Q4. Answer: d


Q5. Answer: a


Q6. Answer: c


Q7. Answer: c


Q8. Answer: d


Q9. Answer: d


Q10. Answer: b


Q11. Answer: c


Q12. Answer: b


Q13. Answer: a


Q14. Answer: a


Q15. Answer: d


Q16. Answer: a


Q17. Answer: c


Q18. Answer: b


Q19. Answer: a


Q20. Answer: d